Teaching Youth Ninja Rolls

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Ninja Training TV, Pathways Dojo, and Ninjas in Nature. I wanted to give you some details about today's blog, which is about how to teach youth zenpo kaiten naname. This is the forward diagonal roll. This video is an excerpt from our youth training series. We have created an adult white to black belt training series as well as youth and kid video training series. These videos are designed for instructors who teach youth groups or for parents who want their kids to train at home. These lessons are designed to compliment what they may also be learning in a martial arts class. These courses are an encyclopedia of ninjutsu techniques that can help any student brush up on techniques. 

As an instructor of our youth programs, one of the things that I think is important is to keep them excited and active while you are teaching them. If you are just standing in front of a room and lecture to them, you will quickly lose their attention, and they will shut down. My approach to teaching youth is to provide a mix of focus skills and drills with high energy activities. For example, I might do some sprint relays or obstacle courses, then go directly into a focus skill, and then return to more high energy activities before doing the next drill. We have a lot of these activities mixed into our training series. This approach keeps the kids happy. When you are happy and learning, you will grasp a skill much faster, and you will excel past most people who are doing more sedentary learning. 

Zenpo kaiten naname is a great skill to start youth down the path of ninjutsu. Kids love to roll, but a lot of kids these days don't get many opportunities to learn how to roll. This is a great way to teach them and get them excited. I hope you really enjoy this one. 

If you like this video you can check out the entire set of youth or kid training at our Pathways Dojo page or our Ninja Training TV adult white to black belt series.

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